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Canajun Finances Home » Fall Back, Farewell PC Financial, and #MoneyTalk

Fall Back, Farewell PC Financial, and #MoneyTalk

This Saturday night you will be turning your clocks back an hour, giving yourself an extra hour sleep. For me it will simply mean going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, I could live without fall back.

Clocks Go Back

PC Financial the bank is now a thing of the past. I updated my iPhone and my PC Financial app suddenly got updated to a Simplii application. As with all new things there seem to have been a few glitches with the new system. Hopefully those will be ironed out soon. My PC Mastercard will still go on, collecting PC Points, but now my accounts are with Simplii? For now, I seem to have too many different bank accounts these days, diversity is one thing, but this is madness.

TD has had problems with their e-transfers, which they think is fixed, but their customers are not so sure. I have certainly seen messages on the TD site warning of these issues, let us hope they are all remedied soon.

My Recent Writings

Inflation continues to run at low levels, as I wrote about in Inflation Still Under 2 Pct (for now). Maybe inflation is a thing from the past? Somehow, I doubt it, but anything is possible, I suppose.

I do enjoy the series Letterkenny which you can watch on Crave, and with that in mind, I paraphrased Wayne with Who Green-Lit this Tom-Foolery ? I am using that turn of phrase more and more these days, much to the chagrin of Mrs. C8j.

Doug Hoyes kindly let me back on his Podcast (after the huge ratings of the last one), to talk about RDSPs. I enjoyed being there, but I did mis-speak on a couple of points, so I attempted to fix this with RDSP Clarifications and Podcasts. I will be writing more about the RDSP in the next few weeks.

When I wrote Movember, My Story, I wasn’t sure I was going to publish it. Frankly, it shows what an idiot I am, but if it helps anyone, it has done what I hope.

Micro Blogging on Finance

While Gail Vaz-Oxlade may have stopped writing on-line her tweets are still a treat (if a bit NSFW sometimes). Good advice if your bank is giving you a hard time.

November Falling Back

If you don’t change your clocks, just remember you will be showing up early to lots of things on Monday. Maybe that would be a good thing?

Money Deep Thoughts

“Debt is a disease. You don’t stop it by spreading it!”

Paraphrased from Game of Thrones, keep this in mind when you get yet another credit card.

End of 2017 Random Thoughts

This Quarter Random Thoughts

2nd Quarter Random Thoughts

1st Quarter 2017 Random Thoughts

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