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Stock Picks 2018 End of Year

At the start of the year, I actually did publish a Stock Picks for 2018 article, which is a rarity for me. I am not in the stock picking business I am into Index Funds, and my stock picks reflected that fact.

Stock Picks
I even made a fancy slide

This year has ended quite nastily for the markets. After 10 years of growth, you had to know something was going to change, and so far the great shart of 2018 continues. We shall see when the bottom hits.

What happened with all of my picks? Let me refresh your memory.

  • Canadian Index Fund based on a TSE index like TDB900 â€“ TD Canadian Index (e-Series)
  • US Index Fund based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average like TDB902 â€“ TD US Index (e-Series)
  • A Canadian Bond Fund like TDB909 â€“ TD Canadian Bond Index (e-Series)
  • International Index Fund like TDB911 â€“ TD International Index (e-Series)
  • A Dividend ETF (if you are so inclined) like FTSE Canadian High Dividend Yield Index ETF (VDY)

A fairly typical Couch Potato portfolio. How much of each you buy is up to you, but let us assume an equal amount bought in each of these funds.

        Jan 2 2018    Dec 26 2018
TDB900 $      1,000.00  $            961.20
TDB902 $      1,000.00  $         1,103.88
TDB909 $      1,000.00  $            995.90
TDB911 $      1,000.00  $            958.60
VDY $      1,000.00  $            959.30
Value $      5,000.00  $         4,978.88     -0.422%

At the end of the year you would have lost about $21 or 0.42% of your investment. Given how the markets are running right now, not too bad really.

If you are an investor in individual stocks, I wish you good luck. For Indexers let us remember the sage words of Preet B., “I am an Indexer, I don’t care what the Index did today!

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