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Lent Begins and #MoneyTalk

Today is Ash Wednesday and that means in the Christian world that Lent Begins. For many folks this is a time of reflection, and a time of sacrifice. I don’t really buy into that, I view this more as a time of reflection and growth.


This Lent try to add things to your 40 day journey to help you grow as a person. Some great financial ideas might be:

  • Read. Read financial books, read philosophical books or just read something. Reading expands your mind.
  • De-Clutter: I really like this idea. Many Churches are jumping onto the Marie Kondo de-cluttering bandwagon. Try to get rid of 40 bags of things that you can donate to charity. Don’t use it as an excuse to buy other crap though.
  • Get out of Debt. If you want to celebrate at Easter, start getting rid of debt now.

Did you realize that the 40 days of Lent means you can take every Sunday off? Do the arithmetic, from today until Good Friday, that is more than 40 days.

Recent Articles

I haven’t written one of these in a while, so I do have a bit of a backlog on things I have written. Stock Picks for the end of the year, was me simply checking what my picks did over the year. I think it is not too bad, given the whacky year 2018 was.

Tangible Financial New Years Resolutions was pointing out the importance of doing measurable resolutions for the New Year. Yes, it has been a while, since I wrote one of these. CPP and EI for 2019 gives us the rundown on how much we’ll have to pay for CPP and EI this year. Remember to be careful telling folks when you have finished paying CPP.

Are we Exposed on Banks in Canada? Currently most Indexes do seem to include a lot of financial stocks. How important is your Credit Score? More important than your blood pressure levels? No! How about When to Use a Pay Day Loan Service? Never! See a trend?

Pay Taxes or Your RRSP ? Too late to decide now, but still an interesting question. I grow weary from the The Anti-Virus Shell Game, sometimes cheap, most times too damn expensive.

RDSP Statement of Grant Entitlement 2019 is our yearly report on what we can put in my son’s RDSP.

Money Deep Thought

The Daily Stoic an email list I subscribe to had some very good advice about debt.

Be wary of debt. Because it is not simply a financial matter. It can be a spiritual matter as well. For to owe can mean to be owned. It can mean that you’ve given up the little bit of control you have in the world and handed it over to a capricious or an insensitive person—or just somebody who values their money more than they value you.

— The Daily Stoic
EQ Bank Savings Account
No Bank Fees here though

Lent Begins

Financial Lent is here, which is a time of reflection, and maybe a time to make some changes? Give up Coffee? No, I did that once and Mrs. C8j told me to, “Have a damn coffee, you are acting like an a**hole!”, after 3 days.

  • Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap with your Spouse is another very good essay by the Blunt Bean Counter about how to live more harmoniously with your spouse. Money destroys more relationships than many experts wish to say, so getting that right is a big part of any relationship.
  • I am living the new Stats Can report Results from the 2016 Census: Long commutes to work by car . I commute every day for about 2.5 hours total, mostly because the Ottawa transit system, is lost in a Light Rail Haze. I grew up in Montreal, and took the bus and Metro everywhere, this is just not possible in Ottawa.
  • Getting paid as a Civil Servant has been quite exciting, but now we realize the wide spread issues with Incorrect T-4’s being sent out. This is all costing the Tax Payers a bloody fortune in overtime, but they continue to drop billions more into repairing (and replacing) the system?
  • Every year Warren Buffett sends out a letter to his Shareholders, and this one includes a very interesting commentary on Debt, which Michael James writes on. As you can tell the commentary is going to be a good read.

A Worrisome Tweet

A very worrisome study from Hoyes Michalos

The 2018 Random Thoughts

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