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School Fees as a Medical Expense

If your child has a disability, which has been recognized by the CRA (with a Disability Tax Credit), there are things you can claim along with the DTC. If your child needs to attend a specialized school or needs tutoring, due to their disability. School fees, in specific, can be a considerable expense.

The rules continue to evolve, so here are the latest rules (May 2022)

School for persons with a mental or physical impairment an appropriately qualified person, such as a medical practitioner or the principal or head of the school, must certify in writing that the equipment, facilities, or staff specially provided by that school are needed because of the person’s physical or mental impairment.

Details of Medical Expense CRA April 2022

I have written about what to include when you appeal for these expenses. It seems now a letter from the school would be good to add to your submission. Remember, the more details explaining how the program helps the child’s disability, the better. This makes it easier it is for the CRA to understand your claim.

A simple letter saying, “I think my kids’ school fees are a medical expense,” will not work with the CRA. It would help if you had detailed explanations of why the school directly helps your child.

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