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Canajun Finances Home » Festivus Financial Airing of Grievances for 2023

Festivus Financial Airing of Grievances for 2023

Festivus airing of financial grievances
You better believe I got a lot of Grievances this year!!! Jerry Stiller truly the funniest ever!

The original airing of grievances was written in 2016, I figure it might be time to update things. I first wrote about Festivus back in 2010, so this is a tradition. I have added a few more things to complain about.

Festivus and the Financial Airing of Grievances

Now that we have put up the Aluminum Pole (with no distracting tinsel), it is that time in Festivus for the Financial Airing of Grievances, and there have been a lot of things that got on my nerves this year, so listen closely. Don’t make me repeat myself!

  • Getting older, and things breaking, this really upsets the hell out of me! I am still hobbling around with a cane thanks to this. The financial aspects have been annoying as well. Having to deal with Insurance Companies and such.
  • Inflation, who the hell invited that back to the party? I kept warning you (since 2008). Yes, it seems to be calming down, but not that much.
  • Interest Rates at 4.5%, well, that isn’t that bad for old farts like me. For younger folks, thanks to the Housing Bubble see below), they are all living in their parents’ basement!
  • COVID19 you better believe I am PISSED OFF about that! What the hell! Pandemics are fair game for Festivus airing of grievances! Yes, we aren’t as bad as before, but it is still around! Did I mention my wife has Long COVID?
  • Housing Bubbles, what is up with this stupidity? What morons are getting into these bidding wars for tar paper shacks down by the river?
  • Good Debt , if I hear another financial talking head say that there is such a thing as good debt I will be using the aluminum pole for something more than just Festivus. Debt is a financial tool, but it is not good. Look at what higher interest rates have done. Paying off debt with interest rates at 2.0% is a heck of a lot easier than at 6.5%, isn’t it? I have harped on this one for a while.
  • AI Written Financial Articles, what the heck is that about? If I wanted to know what R2D2 thought about the market, I’d ask him!

Next Year Better be Good!

This year has sucked, let us hope that next year is a better year, or I will have a longer list for the financial airing of grievances for next Festivus!

Next, financial feats of strength!
Let’s rumble!

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