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Advent Financial Calendar Box 1

Not sure what happened to my original Box 1 of my Financial Advent Calendar, but here is a new one to enjoy

Box 1 – A Pair of Running Shoes

The year 2023 has taught me the importance of staying in Good Health. In the previous few years, I was not in good shape. I have excuses, like COVID and such, but I was just lazy at the end of it.

Thanks to that, my already bad knees had very little support. I fell while descending a set of stairs in the Metro in Montreal. With that fall, I felt a pop in my knee. In the end, I severed my patellar tendon, and I have been recovering from that ever since.

All this to say, if I had stayed in good shape and health, this may not have happened. As I have said previously, the most important thing to bring to your retirement is Good Health.

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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