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Simple Rules to Follow

Key Financial Rules

“Borrow for growth, not Consumption” –Rule quoted by Financial Planner “Blow it out your ear” –Big Cajun Man No, I am not saying you should borrow for consumption either, you should not borrow. Buying a house… Read More »Key Financial Rules

Back to School Week

Back to school time is here! Are you getting ready for all that means?

Financial Advice in the Oddest Places

Finding financial advice in odd places always makes my day, and I was pleasantly surprised reading Cosmo and they have a personal finance section.

Three Financial Rules of Thumb

A quick list of 3 rules of thumb for money that can make your financial life easier, in these hard times. Lists of 3 rock.

Financial Plimsoll Line

What is a financial plimsoll line ? Are you overloaded with Financial debts? Do not allow yourself to be overloaded.

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