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Piggy Bank

Remember: Trust is Earned

Trust is something that is earned, especially from financial institutions. You cannot simply trust a bank because it has a lot of customers.

So you changed banks?

You changed banks? Why? Hopefully it was for a good reason, to get a better deal or the like. Sometimes that is the only way to get a good deal.

Don’t be afraid to make a change

If you are not happy with the services, or the way you are being treated, don’t be afraid to change your bank . Banks count on apathy, show them who is boss.

How do you pay your bills?

How do you pay your bills ? Do you have a methodology, or have you set them up to be automatic ? You should have a method in mind.

Who is the customer here?

Why I changed banks , is a simple tale of not getting the deal that I expected, and then acting out of spite to get a better deal.

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