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Tax Bracket

Tax Freedom Day?

According to the Fraser Institute Tax Freedom Day for 2008 was Saturday June 14th. This alleged end of you earning money for taxes means you have the rest of the year to pay for all… Read More »Tax Freedom Day?

Taxes Done

As an update, I submitted my taxes on the 15th and I got my refund on March 20th, so that is quite the speedy response. I did e-file, which I think speeds up the process,… Read More »Taxes Done

Random Thoughts

A special Friday this week, given it is February 29th, the bissextile day, an extra day for our year, so enjoy this extra day. Have a Leap today! With this extra day you have today… Read More »Random Thoughts

Federal Budget with a Twist Please

In 2008 the TFSA was started, and it may end up being the one “game changer” that Stephen Harper will be remembered for.

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