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Advent Financial Calendar Day 18 – A QR-Code

In your box you find a piece of paper with a QR code on it. What do you do with it? It might lead to something cool, or just more hype.
#Advent #QRCode

Day 13 – A Puzzle – Advent Financial Calendar

A puzzle piece, which symbolizes Autism, and other mental health issues, in the financial advent calendar. The Disability Tax Credit is an important aspect of financial health for those with these brain injuries. #DTC #Disability

Advent Financial Calendar Box Box 5 Wills and Power of Attorney

Day 5 of the Financial Advent Calendar is about WIlls and Estates, and the importance of having it all up to date. If you live in Quebec there are a lot of specific rules you need to know about.

CPP and EI for 2023

How much CPP and EI will be coming off your pay in 2023? Depends on where you live, but here are some tables to help you out (and reference points for others)

Odd Debt Reduction Reasons

Dave Ramsey’s list on why debt reduction is good, but the phraseology is a bit queer for my liking. I work to clarify it, and maybe a better way to look at things.

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