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CPP EI Maximums for 2023

CPP and EI for 2023

How much CPP and EI will be coming off your pay in 2023? Depends on where you live, but here are some tables to help you out (and reference points for others)

Odd Debt Reduction Reasons

Dave Ramsey’s list on why debt reduction is good, but the phraseology is a bit queer for my liking. I work to clarify it, and maybe a better way to look at things.

N Things to Do Before you Retire

What things do you need to do before you retire? The list is long and for you there may be many more specific things to do.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, from Canada this 2022. We have plenty to be Thankful for, but still more to hope for.

Debt-shaming: Debt is Bad, but You Aren’t

While debt-shaming seems to be a new buzzword, being in debt does not make you bad. This does depend on how you managed to get in the predicament.

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