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N Things to Do Before you Retire

What things do you need to do before you retire? The list is long and for you there may be many more specific things to do.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, from Canada this 2022. We have plenty to be Thankful for, but still more to hope for.

Debt-shaming: Debt is Bad, but You Aren’t

While debt-shaming seems to be a new buzzword, being in debt does not make you bad. This does depend on how you managed to get in the predicament.

Clutter Costs Money

Clutter costs a lot more than you think. If you are storing your clutter and paying monthly rent for this, the price is obvious, however the space taken up and how much it would cost to “haul it away” is more than you might guess.

Inflation at 7.7% May 2022 in Canada

Kate Bush is #1, Inflation is at 7.7%, and Interest rates are skyrocketing, you sure this isn’t 1983? Rising Inflation looks to be the most important political issue, very soon.

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