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CRA Medical Credit

School Fees as a Medical Expense

If your child has a disability, if their schooling is a specialized program for their disability the school fees can be a medical expense. You will need to have a lot of supporting evidence, but it can be claimed.

Three Solid Ideas For Your HeLOC

What great things can you do with your HELOC now that interest rates are going up? You would be surprised, here are 3 solid ideas of what you can do with your Secured Line of Credit even with rising interest rates.

April Ends, Tax Time, Pandemics and #MoneyTalk

The last banking day in April is a good day to pay your taxes, if you owe money. Lots of other fun stuff about April in finances as well.

RDSP Grant Entitlement Statement 2022

Every year an RDSP holder will receive a grant entitlement statement outlining how much in grants and bonds you may receive in the year.

Inflation at 6.7% March 2022 in Canada

Given interest rates in Canada continue to rise in reaction to skyrocketing inflation can the economy survive this swift kick in the lower parts? Time will tell about that one.

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