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Volunteers Rule!

Back in the day, I volunteered for basketball. As I reach retirement age, I will look for more opportunities to give of my time and volunteer. Don’t think I can referee, so that is out.

Yes folks, another diatribe from the pulpit. This weekend I will be helping out at 2 of my daughter’s basketball tournaments. Big deal? To me it is. To the girls, I think it is. Volunteers are the backbone of our society these days, and not just for amateur sports.

I have met a lot of folks who help the homeless, helpless and the elderly and these helping souls mostly don’t take a cent for their excellent works. I am always astounded when I talk to these people and how it is part of their being to GIVE so much of themselves. My token works really are dwarfed by others, but I also know that my works are still needed.

Volunteer and help out wherever you can, and however you can. If you know a volunteer, do something nice for them, buy them a coffee, or just tell them thank you (they’ll most likely say they don’t deserve it but they do).

Thank you, volunteers! Remember, Volunteer work is payment to your soul, which is more important than monetary payment. It’s good for you.

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