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Black Friday?

This is when our neighbours in the U.S. orgy on spending as on no other day of the year. I have always found the U.S. wonderful neighbours. I remember the first time I figured out their Thanksgiving was MUCH more than what we do in Canada. A snowstorm had closed the schools, and I sat down to watch TV, and suddenly there were parades, football games, TV Specials, the whole nine yards. This was Fantastic. I have tried to stay home most American Thanksgiving since that day.

So, why is this an excuse to take all the careful financial planning you have done over the year, the debt reduction, the penny pinching and squander it, because of some sales? Not sure about that one. I think this is one of those mob mentality things. Now, if you were wise and saved up, so you have a war chest to get your Christmas shopping done at a lower price, good for you my American Cousin. That kind of planning will serve you well. Be careful, and remember only to spend what you have. Do not be tempted to buy other than what you need, but enjoy. For my American Cousins who will run up their Credit Cards and worry about it later, Shame on You!

Maybe NOW (right NOW) is a time to start a new plan. Don’t go to the big sales, but spend time at home, plan your Christmas shopping needs, and then go and buy what you need at whatever sales are left. Don’t SHOP, BUY! It’s a subtle difference, my wife shops, and she looks around, “Oh, we need that too,” is usually her battle cry, me, I buy, what’s on the list, let’s buy it, and get out! Wham bam, done!

Christmas SHOPPING breaks your financial plan, so be careful at those sales. If you are near the Canadian border, visit your cousins. Remember, your mighty dollar is still worth a lot up here.

Black Friday Thoughts

I have written about this day many times

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  1. I am definitely a buyer not a shopper. In fact, I hate shopping with a passion. I’ve come to the point in life where I have too much shite and spend a considerable amount of time getting rid of unnecessary shite. I pretty much have what a want and don’t really need anything. Most purchases now are replacement mode.

    I look at the Christmas sales flyers and wonder why anyone would need a chocolate fondue fountain? I mean really, when the heck are you going to use this (Homer Simpson excluded)?

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