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Random Thoughts on a Black Friday

Black Friday, the tradition of mad mob scenes, with people trampling their fellow man so they can get a new XBOX for $200 (after sitting in line for 12 hours).  While I must admit that I have bought 1 or 2 things at a “Boxing Day” sale, however, sitting in line and then using your best Ju Jitsu moves to fight your fellow man off, does not strike me as something I really do want to do.

Writings from November 27, 2009

Questrade Lowest trade house in Canada

Black Day in November

Well with the news of possible failures in Dubai, this Friday may not just be Black Friday for shopping reasons, but let’s see what the Financial Bloggers had to write about this week.

  • Michael James helps us Understand Car Lease Payments, and points out that his math is good, but leasing is still bad (IMHO).
  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneygo has been having some guest posts this week and an interesting one is Gift Giving For Less (unfortunately, it does mention Charity as a Present, which is a pet peeve).
  • Larry MacDonald asks the financial question Bonds vs. Bond ETF, an interesting discussion ensues.
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade discusses Creating the Illusion of Scarcity, an interesting spin on things, but maybe a little optimistic.
  • Ellen Roseman complains Help I am Being Gouged for Spam Text Messages, don’t get me started Ellen, I have already Ranted about Bell Mobility this week!
  • The Four Pillars brings a Holiday Spirit with the post Tips For Watching a Christmas Parade with Kids .  My tip? Pay teenage kid $40 to take kids, and stay home.
  • It’s Just Money is possessed by E-Book Readers? Evidently THE gift for this year, I’ll listen to them on CDs instead :-).

Enjoy the weekend, and remember to get your Snow Tires on SOON!

Black Friday Thoughts

I have written about this day many times

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