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Things to Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday has become Black November, and the orgy of spending being done in the name of Christmas is getting very much out of hand. I never espouse spending for the sake of the expenditure, so keep that in mind this Christmas season (don’t go for the Holiday and end up unable to pay (that rhymes)).

With that in mind, here are the kinds of deals you should be looking for on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or Black Autumn.

  1. Anti Virus Software for 3 computers for less than $12 , I have seen it in so many places that if you are still renewing your anti-virus stuff auto-magically, you are a fool (there I said it). I have discussed the Anti-Virus Tricks going on, so this shouldn’t be anything new to my regular readers.
  2. If you need memory cards (USB Flash, or SD Memory) or the like, that is a useful thing to get, since you always are going to need more storage for your Digital Camera, Tablet, or for back up. For that matter, look for a 1 TB external backup drive for your laptop because backing up your data is really important.
  3. If you can find a copy of Quicken on sale, buy it! No time like now to start working on your Christmas budget and track your spending.
  4. A Christmas Fruitcake, start a new tradition, give a fruitcake to someone you particularly don’t like, but still have to buy a present for, and see if they are any the wiser.
Another Fruit Cake
Oh Joy! Fruitcake!

A huge garbage can if it’s on sale, to put all the crap you will end up accumulating over the holidays. It’s essential to be able to deal with the new crap you will be receiving.

Black Friday Thoughts

I have written about this day many times

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  1. Been wanting one of those new consoles PS4 type thing. Problem is my TV is so old that I can’t plug the console into it. So to be able to buy a $400 console plus $60 games, I would need to buy a TV to replace my 25+ year old still working TV. I don’t have another spot for it to go, and being a tube style 33 inch TV is is a minimum 2 person job to move it. So I hate to recycle a working TV! Sigh…

    So, a TV and game console or retirement…

  2. I love the fruitcake suggestion! The best part is you can even make it yourself so they think they’re getting a special gift and you spent even less on it other than putting in some time.

    The most surprising thing I’ve found with this Black Friday spending orgy is that even in the media they say that the deals you see really aren’t that great. Makes me wonder why does all of this fanatical behaviour come from?

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