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It is Finished

Those words sum up Good Friday for most Christians, and they are solemn words indeed, but in those words, the hope of Easter begins. It is finished….

Remember the hope is what Easter is about, hope and new beginnings. Begin again, or keep doing what you are doing, be it in life, spiritually or financially. I have had friends who are not church goers ask me why I seem so happy at Easter given I am effectively celebrating the crucifixion of a man? I have a one word answer, and that is Hope.

Without hope what is life? No matter how bad things seem, this weekend (and every Sunday surprisingly), there is a chance to restart, retry, redouble your efforts and hope.

Enjoy this weekend, whether you are at Church, at home with your family, with friends, or even if you are alone. It all begins now.

Enjoy the Festival of Easter!

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    Monty Loree

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