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We Shall Remember

Today in Canada is Remembrance Day, where the citizens of Canada thank the Veterans of all wars for their sacrifice and thank them for what they have done for all Canadians and many others worldwide. 

As a teenager, I wanted to be a fighter pilot, and I was sure I would be able to cut it, but two things derailed that plan. One was my eyesight, which went bad enough to disqualify me from being allowed into the elite fighter pilot program. I still went in to talk to a recruiter at my High School, and he was a very nice man who pointed out that I had one other point against me, I am 6’4″ tall, and that is too tall to fit in the jets, due to how the ejection seats work. Had I not had those two issues, I am pretty sure I would have tried to be a fighter pilot.

Lest We Forget
We Shall Remember

Lest we Forget

I wear my poppy with pride (if not some pain from the straight pin that keeps sticking me when I put my jacket on, but that shows I may not have been cut out to be in the military if I am worried about being stuck with a straight pin). 

This picture shows to those who are unsure what I am talking about. The poppy is the symbol for Remembrance Day, and we wear it proudly.

Thank you to those present and former members of the Canadian and British Armed Forces, who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we remember you, and you have our humble thanks.

Remembrance Days Gone by

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