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We Shall Remember

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day where we shall remember the sacrifices made by the men and women who served Canadians (and the world) and some who gave the ultimate sacrifice. My Dad served in the Royal Air Force after he graduated from University and said that taught him many essential skills for life (including how to shave in the dark). I always felt like I missed something not having served (but I had wanted to be a pilot, but a lovely recruiter told me, “Son, you are 6’4″. You don’t fit ANY of our planes,” thus ended my dreams of being a pilot).

I am privileged to work with members and former members of the military. From this interaction, I have learned a new respect for those who serve (I have also learned many interesting stories, one that I may tell one day, with the punch line, “… and that is always why I carry cash”, but I digress).

we shall remember
The Canadian War Memorial in Gapyeong pays tribute to all Canadians who fought in Gapyeong.

We shall remember today as we should every day.

Remembrance Days Gone by

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  1. My great-grandfather fought, was wounded, and was a POW in the Great War. My great-aunt was a nurse in Holland in the Second World War. My father helped re-build Germany in the REME corps when he served after the Forces paid his way through university. Every year at this time I give thanks for what they did and for the others who are still living and dying trying to protect this country and other countries. If any veterans happen to read this: Thank you.

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