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The new year has brought a heck of a lot of snow to Ottawa, and a bus strike which continues to annoy and make my life interesting (having to drive my kids to school every day). My site has been up and down a bit in the past week as well, I am working with my hosting firm to come to the cause of the problems as well (my apologies for those who have come to read and found a dead site).

Sweeping the Financial Blogs

This week’s sweep brings up some interesting start of year thoughts from some of the financial bloggers I regularly read:

  • The Canadian Capitalist is offering a gently read ‘Til Debt Do Us Part Life Planner which he received, so go over and sign up for his give away (free stuff is best stuff).
  • My posting about a Questionnaire For Everything made this week’s Carnival of Satire (#109)
  • Michael James has been telling me about a book he has been reading Money for Nothing: One Man’s Journey Through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions and he does a review of the despicable industry that has grown in the U.S. buying annuities from unsuspecting dupes.
  • Larry MacDonald talks about what he learned from a friend about Hedge Funds when Hedge Funds Blow Up, it’s a sobering read.
  • Ellen Roseman is looking for folks’ opinions of Financial Planners and is looking for your input on the subject.
  • One Caveman went for the “cheap pop” by posting a picture of his New Daughter (he posted the next day, that is blogging above and beyond the call of duty dude!). Hope he has a SIN number for her and is setting up an RESP right now!
  • Apple announced at MacWorld a new pricing scheme for their iTunes store which is good for old guys like me, but raises the prices on first line hits to $1.29 but removes DRM as well? Interesting.
  • Promod over at Riscario Insider had a harrowing Christmas when his son had a bad allergic reaction and spent Christmas in the Emergency Ward.
  • If anyone is really curious about how much “money” I make on this site, I post my income every work on my “working” blog Working Hard on the Internet as well.

Welcome 2009, let’s hope you behave better than 2008 (financially at least).

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  • MoneyGrubbingLawyer January 9, 2009, 7:39 AM

    Lots of snow + OCTranspo strike shouldn’t mean that you’ve got to drive your kids to school, it should mean that the time is right to invest in a dogsled team!

    As for the DRM-free iTunes, I’ll gladly pay an extra $0.29 for music that I can actually use freely. However, I’m probably in the same boat as you are- my Gordon Lightfoot and Paul Simon tracks are more likely to drop to $0.69 than to increase to $1.29.


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