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Happy New Year 2009

Welcome 2009 a Year of Great Hope

I wish all my readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2009.

Remember to write 2009 on your cheques if you write any! Remember you have 2 months to clear up your RRSP story for 2008, but that is the only thing left you can do about 2008 in terms of Taxes. Start your plan for 2009, write it and start executing it, because 2009 is here!

I will be taking a short vacation and will return on January 5th, until then enjoy your families and relax to be ready for the coming year. Enjoy the Football bowl games, Hangover remedies and enjoy the weather and snow that the new year brings for us all.

New Year Means New Slippers
New Year Means New Slippers

Start something NEW this year, I challenge you!

All Those Happy New Years

Yes, for many years I have wished you a Happy New Year

Yes, I really did start in 2005.

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  1. The hope for me was finding a job. January was bleak, no jobs really, and the economy in a shambles. Luckily hope sprung eternal, and I was able to find a job later in the year.

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