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When Financial Bloggers Meet

When Financial Bloggers Collide

Another one of the great N.C.F.B.A. summits took place this week with a special guest Preet from Where Does All My Money Go who was in the National Capital region on business and decided he wanted to get his finger on the pulse of some of the most dynamic financial bloggers in Canada (ok, what is the correct font for sarcasm). Preet has been promoted to an honorary member of the N.C.F.B.A., and promises to attend yet another of our “Financial Think Tanks” in the near future.

What do Financial Bloggers talk about when they get together? Finances, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Blogging and Advertising, Car Racing,  and many other interesting topics. This esteemed group is also frugal, (some might even say CHEAP) I had two decaf coffees, Michael James had a ginger ale, the Canadian Capitalist had a hot tea, Canadian Money Review had two Perriers, and Preet I believe had a soft drink. Needless to say our server was not enthused by our lack of ordering, but we as Financial Bloggers must show the financial restraint that we espouse (i.e. practice what we preach).

My Writings for Past Week

Random Thoughts: Obama Mania Hits The Capital

Yes President Obama flew over my house on his way home on Thursday (I looked up and there was Air Force One majesitcally soaring off into the clouds), that is a very quiet 747, (given normally 747’s cause the plates in my house to rattle). In honour of this momentous event, here are some random blog entries from sites I read from this past week.

Enjoy your weekend and watch for the Video post this weekend, another interesting one from the National Film Board.

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  1. The previous comment should read “calorie content of items on their menu”. Their menu itself probably has a low calorie content! 🙂

  2. I’d rather be cheap at Kelsey’s. The calorie content of their menu is simply astonishing. Personally, I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit warm and enjoy some beer. Thanks for the link!

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