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Random Thoughts: For a Monday?

Last Week from Me

Best of this Week

I am just so lazy and busy that I can’t think of writing something for the Monday before Christmas, so instead, I will give you some of the best writings from other folks this past week.

With the Holiday Season upon us, I trust everyone has finished their preparations and is all just relaxing and waiting for the festivities to commence. Yes, I am a sarcastic so and so sometimes aren’t I, but let’s not dwell on the obvious, what did those other authors write?

  • The Canadian Capitalist must be finished his shopping, as he has time to read a bunch of books including The Investor’s Manifesto , which he thinks is well worth stuffing into someone’s stocking.
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade talks about another great book for Christmas in The Glass Half Full (ok it’s her book, but it’s still good to get for Christmas).
  • Michael James is making sure that there are no Mice stirring in his house when he states Sometimes Frugality Can be Taken Too Far . I always thought they were disposable too.
  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo gets festive with a post about The Elves Index, OK it has nothing to do with Christmas, but the title does.
  • Larry MacDonald points out the importance of keeping things over the holiday in the correct perspective in his post Ten Things to Know about rebalancing. No, again, nothing to do with Christmas, but work with me people!
  • Riscario has a catchy holiday title The Gift of Networking, and networking is very important if you are looking for a job!

Hope your shopping is going well, remember YOU are the economic stimulus the economy needs (me, I’m too cheap to matter).

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  1. Thanks for the mention. There’s no need to get too excited about Christmas yet — it’s still four days away. As I always say, there’s only one shopping day left until Christmas because I only intend to devote one day to Christmas shopping.

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