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Holiday Cheer: Volume 1 Sneaky Problems

For my regular readers, I am so lazy swamped over the holidays that I am taking some time off and putting up a “Best of” anthology until the New Year (January 4th, to be exact). Enjoy two Best of posts a day over the Holidays, and have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Today’s posts are diverse in that they talk of Debt and its ability to sneak up on you and how Cable over usage can happen when you aren’t looking as well!

I Didn’t Know I was That Far In Debt!

I have found two new guilty pleasure shows on TV. One is 16 and Pregnant on MTV (that one I can’t even talk about right now, I’ll save that for a separate rant) the other is “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” where women explain how they can go nine months carry a child and then claim they never knew they were pregnant. ……

Click here for the complete Post.

Rogers Cable and Overruns

One of the problems of having many computers around my house and having a large number of teenagers is that my Internet connection does get heavily used, but I hadn’t had any problems until last month.

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