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Random Thoughts: For Veterans Week

November 11th A Special Day

For me, this week has been very short, as I am a Civil Servant and got Remembrance Day off, and I am taking a day’s vacation to make this a gloriously long weekend. One of my co-workers dubbed November 11th as Remember It’s Time to Start Christmas Shopping Day, which is a little disrespectful to Remembrance Day but still quite apropos for Ottawa. The stores were jammed on Thursday afternoon with happy Civil Servants starting their Christmas Spending Debacle early (but there will be more on this in the coming weeks, no doubt).

This short week the topics I covered included:

While a sad week in Remembrance of our fallen countryfolk,  there are some excellent posts from other folks in the Personal Finance Blog world:

For the record, I am a Civil Libertarian at heart, drive a used Toyota and drink Tim Horton’s coffee (but I am White Collar too).

Other Bookkeeping

Lest We Forget

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“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
-Coco Chanel

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  1. Thanx for your sterling linkfest — er, I mean golden round-up.
    Note to CC: I think it’s Lowell Green and he says
    “cappuccino-sucking, granola crunching lefties”

  2. You are starting to sound like Lou Green! For those who don’t like in Ottawa, Lou Green is a radio personality here who hates the “latte sucking, granola crunching” crowd.

    Thanks for the mention.

    1. How does she keep from getting Lynched? Does she live in Calgary at least? I meant that as a follow on to my elitist latte snobbery of Preet, sorry your Mom got hit in the crossfire.

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