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Humour and Personal Finance

Let’s have a look at the humorous posts I made this year. Since humour does have a lot to do with my viewpoint on things, I think this is only fair.

My Better Humorous Posts

These are in my opinion my best humorous posts for the year. You will be surprised to see the post you thought I was being serious about on this list, hopefully, it will help you understand my sense of humour a bit more.

Dumber Than Snake Mittens

I borrowed that statement from Dilbert,  but That Idea Is Dumber Than Snake Mittens, led me to compile a quick list of that kind of Personal Finance Actions (i.e. Dumber than Snake Mittens).

How You Deliver the Message is Important

With my post Humour: Up On The Roof, I blatantly go for the cheap laugh by telling one of my favourite humorous stories. The expression, “… my investments are up on the roof…” makes much more sense after you read this story.

Where Do You Draw The Line

Given the kick I have gone on to save money my post about Half Price Products, was more a question about what might you not buy if it was on sale because it was close to its expiry date?

Top 10 List?

With More Top 10 Lists, I took aim at the blogging technique espoused by many How To Blog advice sites which is put out lots of Top 10 lists for people, they just love it, so I put out my own list. I like the list, but it did seem to catch a few readers off guard.

April Fools, but that happened

April Fools Finances, attempted to show that on April Fool’s days many folks put joke headlines up to catch your eye, but I found a bunch of real headlines that you might have thought were April Fool’s jokes (at the time).

Best By Far

With Gifts You Shouldn’t Get Your Kids (ever), I had a lot of fun and it was very easy to write, because I relied on previous experience and stories told by friends. The post got a fair amount of play, and if you look in the comments you’ll notice that a lot of folks really didn’t see the humor in a lot of the gift suggestions, which goes to show how hard it is to predict how folks will react to anything you write.

There will be more lists like this for the rest of this week, as I enjoy the holidays with my family.

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  1. Ugh. The April Fools’ Day headlines post was almost painful! Especially in light of some of the most recent Bernie stories.

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