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Random Thoughts: State the obvious Week (Bonne Fete Nationale aussi)

I have been a little facetious this week with my readers, with my posts on Wednesday and Thursday, but it has been a bit of an eye opener in terms of what people read and how they read it. This is the same reason that e-mails are very dangerous for subtle humor, because you never get the nuances from the writer of the point they are actually trying to make (I much prefer face to face and phone conversations over e-mails). I was thinking of accepting a guest post by Mr. Obvious however, we shall see if his copy is up to my normal writing standards.

With Gasoline prices slowly dropping (however, I expect a spike in the coming week for the long weekends that are coming), inflation may slow a little, but everything does seem to be more expensive these days.

The postal strike also continues, with back to work legislation due before parliament recesses for the summer, but if the strike went on long enough, would it make Canada Post effectively irrelevant in terms of a service? I think both sides in the strike may be breathing a sigh of relief with the government intervention (although the Union and the NDP would never admit to that either). My guess is other than for Christmas Cards and 1 or 2 bills, I could live withou the postal service (and I have a super mailbox, so my level of service is attrocious in terms of postal services anyhow).

For those in Quebec enjoy La Fete Nationale, I note the web site is only in French, wonder what that is saying?

Interesting to see that the WinkleVi have given up their appeal of their settlement from their lawsuit against Mark Zukerburg. Maybe they decided to take their money and run (given the possible decline of Facebook). The best gauge for any social media is teenaged girls, and the one I converse with no longer uses The Facebook she uses Tumblr (so do I now too).

Given my odd themes this week, I was expecting a little more reaction, but I have given up trying to figure out what folks think is controversial or interesting:

  • On Saturday I found an interesting comedic view on debt with The Magic Number for Debt and in the video there is a valid discussion of the threshold where you no longer worry about your debt.
  • Sunday we had the standard Oldies but Goodies but also Happy Father’s Day where I post the twitter OBG posts I did for the week as well (in case you missed them)
  • I had a look at some of the new electronic wallet technology coming with Monetary Technology Leaps, which may be coming a lot faster than we think.
  • My wife went to a conference and came back with More tales of Indescretion, which was entertaining.
  • I was not sure I was clear enough in my post Top 5 reasons you are in debt, if anyone is still unsure of my point, drop me a note and I’ll drop by with a sledge hammer to ensure you get the point.
  • My brain wandered away with Saving money by saving gas, not really too on topic, but trying to get across how some posts in the blogosphere do seem to be purposely simple.

I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away. For you spammers who continue to inundate me with your drivel, keep it up as well.

Given the turmoil going on in the markets these past few weeks, the financial blogosphere is atwitter with many interesting questions and posts about it:

Carnivals this Week

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“The biggest cause of death, is living”

Author: Anonymous (attributed to Mr. Obvious)

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    1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

      maudit tete carre!!

      Next you’ll say you haven’t smoked a Du Maurier…

  1. Robb Engen

    Thanks for the mention! The postal strike hasn’t really affected us, other than missing a few magazines everything else is done online.

    Have a great weekend, sir!

    1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

      or a Laurentide… Sam prends un Cinqante

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