Love Week, Lent and Sunday’s Best

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Valentine’s Day week was actually quite interesting for me. I learned a few things, including you should not leave roses out if you have a young kitten around (she destroyed an entire set). I also learned that people really love complaining about the price of bank services, as I learned when I cut loose on TD about their jacking up their fees for Safety Deposit Boxes and seeing the reaction from my readers (wow, didn’t know you folks were that passionate about your financial safe places). Maybe everyone has porno movies or dark secrets hiding in those boxes (as Hollywood seems to imply).

We also seem to be going into another European funk, with Greece spiraling further down the financial whirlpool. Let’s hope this does not keep up all year.

On my twitter feed I found some of my favorite “oldie but goody” posts, including:

Enjoy your Sunday, no video today, maybe I’ll find one during the week.


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