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Some may view the Federal Budget on Thursday as a Baseball Bat to the head, but it really does seem to me that the Harper Government pulled their punch a little, given they didn’t really slash the Federal Civil Service the way it was being predicted. As I mentioned on Friday, I actually am in one of the target groups for age, so I can actually get Old Age Security when I am 66 and 8 months old, but anyone born in 1961 after June 1st is up to 67 years before they can receive that benefit.

There are other things that are changing that affect me directly:

  • Pension contribution increases for Public Servants, which makes sense to me, if it ensures the system manages to stay afloat.
  • Changes to the RDSP system, which I will elaborate on next week (since that is very important to me).
  • Travelers exemptions have increased a bit more, so more nice things can come back even if I only stay in the U.S. for 24 hours.
  • Elimination of our beloved penny, no more penny for your thoughts, penny candy or penny whistles, it’s sad, but it really does have to go too.
  • Many other interesting things that you should go and read about.

On my twitter feed I continued to find some old and gold posts from the past as well as a lot of interesting retweets in both official languages:

I did find a fun version of the budget on video, done by iPolitics, which is a Pop-up Video version (with very Civil Service leanings, I will freely admit):

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