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Oktoberfest, Trudeaumania, Bad Beef and #Tweets

October begins tomorrow and that means Oktoberfest both in its birth place in Bavaria (and Germany in general), but also all over the world. I was first introduced to it as a Freshman at the University of Waterloo, and if you can’t make it to Munich for Oktoberfest, I would say Kitchener/Waterloo would be a good place to visit, as it is quite the festival. A great deal of beer is drunk, but there is a great deal of wonderful food, Oompah bands and polka, polka, polka! I tended to Polka a lot better after a few beers (or that was my opinion, my wife claims I actually don’t know how to Polka). My favorite Polka band? Not Walter Ostanek of course it was the Schmenge Brothers (a video clip at the end with their smash hit Cabbage Rolls and Coffee).

A new Trudeaumania coming? I can only hope, to drive the PQ Crazy in Quebec, anybody west of Dryden and everyone else. Can this young man polarize a nation the way his Father did? It sure would make for  a much more interesting political world, but it all remains to be seen.

Bad Beef? It’s all coming from Canada, and it seems to be making lots of folks sick (and making more of us try to get our money back from our Grocery stores). The joys of E.Coli and beef, just make sure you cook it good!

No E.coli in my Twitter feed this week, but lots of blasts from the past (like Trudeaumania):

Now hopefully the coffee is brewed and the cabbage rolls are ready:

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