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More Binders Please and more #Zombie Tweets

I was at Staples, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Binders full of women. Is that joke ever going to get old? 47% of Americans think yes, it will.

There has been no hockey on the event horizon for a while. I am pretty sure we’ll have a season, but will it matter? I am actually starting to watch English Football from the Premiership (given I always was a Southend and Swansea City fan), and it’s great to do other things while watching (and luckily, it isn’t as long as a baseball game). There certainly is a lot of leaping around when someone touches you, but it is still enjoyable.

After Tom Hanks dropped an f-bomb on live TV, I think maybe the site should go NSFW, or I should accidentally drop some salty words here and there. Beluga caviar is pretty salty I hear, but that is about as salty as I’ll be this Sunday.

If BCE can’t get their Astral purchase to go through, they can give me a call and they can purchase BCM Media for much less, and I am confident the CRTC will allow the sale to go through.

For my tweeps, luckily the tainted XL beef is being destroyed, however the same cannot be said for some of my Oldies, so no fear:

  • I contend that folks in the service industries and those who deal with the public really need to understand that it is not Better to Be Right, just be polite and smile it will fix most of the issues.
  • Seriously I was on a very big jag about Customer Service this week on the twitter feed.
  • There really is no such thing as a Sure Thing and Sometimes they don’t pay off, even if there is a “sure thing”.
  • After another meal out with my blogging friends I came up with Some Thoughts on Financial Bloggers, well worth reading if you are thinking of joining in.
  • How many More Top 10 Lists can there be on financial blogs? The sky is the limit, but this list does poke fun at them.
  • However, I did indulge with a Top 10 Bad Financial Lists of my own as well, good fun.
  • Is it possible to get Free Banking from any of the major banks? You’d be surprised at the answer.

And now a lovely duet with Ms. Katy Perry and a young lady diagnosed with autism. For those parents who have kids with Autism, we watch this and it gives us some hope:

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