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Canajun Finances Home » Eight Years Later (and a Happy St. Patty’s Too)

Eight Years Later (and a Happy St. Patty’s Too)

It seems that 8 years ago, I started writing this odd poem on this very day. However it was 8 years ago today that I published this Odd Post, announcing my arrival. At the time the announcement was on Blogspot (i.e. Google), but after about 2 years THE Canadian Personal Finance web site was born. I did have an Introductory Post, where I attempted to introduce myself, but my first real post was It’s Simple (Isn’t it)? I like the feeble attempt at a disclaimer on the Introductory Post too, nice touch (I really should put something on here that says if you are insane enough to follow my advice, etc.,).

Many things have changed since 2005, I was a Nortel drone back then, I am now a Civil Servant (doesn’t read like a big change, but truly, this is not Kansas!). My son was born (well he was born a week after my first post), and I have stumbled through layoffs, RESPs, Service Fees, Investing Blunders, and many other financial sagas that I have enjoyed writing about.

I’m still not making much from this, but that really isn’t the main reason I do this (although it would be nice to make more than slave wages, I suppose).

Year 9 (nine) starts tomorrow, maybe this is the year I make a huge impact!

Oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day as well!

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  1. Impact and success is not only measured in money or income. You are influencing a lot of people, but you just don’t know it. As a teacher I go through this all the time. You never know the impact of what you do. Happy anniversary!

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