Still Financially Crazy after 13 Years

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In 2005 I started this site, and I am still financially crazy  after all these years. I must be crazy, I think debt is a bad thing, don’t buy individual stocks and think pay day loans are the devil’s work 

financially crazy

13 Years of Blogging Summed up Very Nicely

Over the years I have written over 3000 article, had over 1,200,000 page views, and I have some favourites.

My Favourite Financially Crazy Posts

These are the ones, I re-read and enjoy. Some of these I wonder why no one was interested in, but that really sums up my entire writing career.

Your Favourite Financially Crazy Posts

These are the ones that have had the most views

The Future?

Certainly the volume of posts has declined over the years, but I am still at this. I have had folks offer to buy the site (not going to happen), offer to Guest Post (not likely to happen) and offered to make the site more popular. We shall see what the future holds.

Sing Me Out Ray

Ray Charles sings my favorite version of Still Crazy after all these years.

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