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Child Disability Tax Credit Application Letter (Template)

Here is a template letter to apply for the Child Disability Benefit from the CRA. Remember, you must first have a signed T2201 Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate from a recognized medical authority about your child’s disability (in our case a Psychologist from CHEO filled in the form for him being on the Autism Spectrum). Next, you need to fill in the RC66 – Canada Child Benefits Application Form but that would only make your benefits start now (this tax year). Once you receive a positive response from the CRA for your disability claim, you can send this letter.

Depending on your child’s disability, benefits can be retroactively given to you. However, you must ask for retroactive benefits, which is what this letter Template is for. It is also essential to have your medical professional have their diagnosis backdated as well (preferably in the T2201) to support your claim (Mrs. C8j reminded me of that one).

The letter does not need to be complex. It is crucial it does ask specifically what you want and needs.

Remember this is a template, so fill in your information but note that the important phrase:

Mental Functions Necessary for everyday life

is specific. You need to include your child’s diagnosis if this is not his (or her) diagnosis.

Can the disability tax credit be backdated? Yes, mention that in the letter.

Letter Template

Disclaimer: This is an example template of letters that must be sent to the CRA to receive the Child Disability Benefit retroactively from birth. I do not imply any guarantees with this letter. Nor am I saying this is enough to get the CDB. This is simply supplied as a starting point for folks who aren’t sure how to do this. The CRA decides on each case individually. The clearer your letter is, with as much information as possible should help your request. You should consult your Doctor, and or an Accountant if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Mr. Big Cajun Man
Big Cajun Hacienda,
Ottawa, Ontario
H0H 0H0
bigcajunman @
(613) 555-1212

Big Cajun Social Insurance:  123 456 789

To Whom it May Concern,

Please find enclosed a copy of the Form 2201 Disability Tax Credit for my son Little Caj Man  (SIN: 123 456 789) and a copy of the CRA approval of his Disability Tax Credit (retroactive to 2010).

Little Caj Man was born on January 33rd 2010, as the Form T2201 outlines his disability in the area of Mental Functions Necessary for everyday life, I would ask that the Child Disability Benefit be paid for the tax years: 2010, 2011, and 2012  (along with the current year).

If you have any questions or need more information please contact me.


Big Cajun Man
123 456 789

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  1. You send right as soon you get approval letter, and usually a month after you get first 2 year lump sum you get other funds

  2. Autism is something that a child is born with and you state if you saw symptoms since birth, and how his symptoms effects 90 percent of daily living since birth year, you let dr know that it was advise you can retro since birth. These dr usually birth year of diagnosis instead of impairment start year.

  3. My child recently was approved for the DTC for ASD with a start date of 2016 (this is what his physician put on the application), however I’ve heard my child may be eligible since birth (2008) for this condition. CRA advised I need a letter from my Dr advising this, my concern is what conversation do I need to have with my physician regarding the incorrect start date?

    1. Point out that ASD is typically viewed as a “Brian Stem” disorder, and that would mean it is from birth. It may be that the Doctor is unaware? Feel out where the Doctor stands, and see if they will write a letter supporting the “from birth” diagnosis, if he (or she) refuses, then maybe look for a different doctor or Nurse Practitioner that is more sophisticated in ASD?

      Talk to your Doctor first. Explain that thanks to their work you have the DTC, but then ask about the date on it.

      1. I just saw your reply. (Not sure if I was supposed to get an email reply?), just happened to check out your website again for help. My Dr did write a letter to the CRA requesting an adjustment be done back to 2009 when delays first presented. The CRA denined the adjustment. I called and the CRA rep advised me to submit a new DTC application as if the Dr was documenting everything she witnessed since 2009. Cross your fingers for me this will do the trick!

  4. I just received the letter of approval for DTC today for my son. My CRA account online shows the disability benefit being added to my child tax for the past two years and is updated going forward. Should I wait until I have received the payment for past two years before I request retroactive payments (i was approved back to 2009). Or should I send my request right away? Thank you.

  5. Hello i was just wondering i already receive the child disability for my son that has md muscular dystrophy n neither me or myb husband work can we still apply or cdb or whatever it is tks in advance n is there any other help ???

    1. Depends on how old your son is, but your Child Benefit should be higher, due to your child’s disability. Each province may have its own disability grant system as well, talk to the March of Dimes maybe or groups similar to that? I hope for all the best for you all in your journey.

  6. Hello! Thanks for all of the information, so helpful!

    Can one apply for the DTC & send the letter of request that the CDB be backdated at the same time? Or is it best to apply for DTC, wait for approval & THEN send the letter for CDB to be backdated?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. You can include both, however, they may end up getting separated at the CRA, and that could cause confusion and delay. I would wait, you will get all the money (if you are approved).

    2. Yes wait till you get results then send as approved letter will state this. There’s alot being denied now that’s why I say wait.

      1. Hey there,
        I am filling out the T2201 for my daughter with adhd and Severe LD. I am not sure what to write the part that says to give details on regular consistent support for food shelter or clothing… she is only 11 so of course we give support in this area. What do I put here!?

        1. In our case we described the daily tasks we need to do with our son in terms of where we must act where a normal child did not. What can’t your child do, that you must do for them? Do you need to set up gates in your house to segregate them? These are the kinds of questions or comments they are looking for (in my opinion).
          NB: This is only my opinion, I would strongly suggest you talk with other parents, or your pediatrician about this section and what goes well in this area. I am not an expert, I am simply supplying a forum for folks to discuss this, and examples of what worked for me.

  7. My family is currently going through the process and waiting on our applications approval. I am a bit confused about the Child Disability Credit and the Child Disability Benefit. Do both of these apply retroactively? Or is it just the Disability Benefit that gets retroactive payment? Thank you so much for this post, it has been very helpful!

    1. The Credit can be done retroactively, if you ask for it (like in this template), ask for the tax years to review, and we think that if you get the credit retroactive you should get the benefit too.

  8. Thanks for this post, this has been very helpful! My daughter was approved right back to birth (2006). I received the tax adjustment back to 2006 and was going to send in a letter to receive the Child disability benefit back to 2006 as well. I’m just not clear what exactly I should be sending in. I know I send a letter requesting this to be done, just wondering do I re-send in my application form (T2201) and/or a copy of the letter they send me explaining my daughter qualified? The qualification letter also referenced then fact that I could send in a letter doing this but didn’t have any specifics. Or do I just send in a letter requesting this be done? Thanks in advance!

    1. Ask for a review of your taxes for the years going back to her birth. State that the condition was from birth and you are asking for your Tax Submissions for the previous years to be reviewed to reflect your daughter’s condition, try to be clear but not too wordy. I would include a copy of your approval for the T2201 application (you should have received a letter or something like that from the CRA), that should suffice. Keep me posted.

      1. Hey there. Thanks for the quick response. I did receive the review of my taxes back to her birth. When I filled out the form I checked the box to go back and adjust my tax.

        My question is about the child disability benefit (the $227.50 you get each month with your child tax benefit).

        When requesting that be retroactive do I include the letter of acceptance and my own letter asking them to do the adjustment or should I also include the application I originally sent in?


      2. Hi – My son got approved for the DTC a month ago however and under My account on the CRA website it says he is eligible from 2012 onwards. We have started getting an additional 200 per month from the government but do we need to file the request to backdate from 2012 which is when he was born or will the government do that anyway? Also my husband is the one who works and I dont have any income as he generates the household income so should he change his tax returns from 2012 onwards to apply for the backdated amount?

          1. Thanks so much. We received the backdated amount but it was only up to June 2013. He was eligible from May 2012 – do I need to send yet another letter to ask for the 2012 and 2013 tax years? The medical practioners letter said it should be from 2012 onwards.

            1. I would call the CRA about this, and see if there was a reason given, or whether they missed it. You could simply send in a notice of reassessment, and hope, but I would suggest calling the CRA (maybe after the April 30th deadline, they might be crazy busy right now), and asking them (you can log onto the CRA site with your on line banking and send a secure message in there as well). Good luck, and keep me posted!

              Just remembered that our Pediatrician has seen many cases where an “Autism Spectrum” is only backdated to 2 years of age, which seems odd to me, but keep that in mind too.

            2. Wanted to share an update since this page has been so helpful. Our son’s DTC was incorrectly transferred to my tax profile – as I have zero income it does not do me any good. I called CRA and they asked for my husband – who is the one who works and has income – to file a T1 ADJ for the backdated tax years 2012-2015 and ask for the DTC to be transferred to his profile. They were expecting 6-8 weeks prior to processing the request. The request has to be sent to the tax center. When processed, he should be getting a decent refund once the DTC is applied. A lot of parents (including us) got confused with the CCTB/DTB amount being the same as DTC. Its clearly not and its two separate things. The CCTB/DTB will continue to be associated with my accounts however the DTC can be moved to whichever parent is working to reduce their taxes and hopefully get a decent size refund to help fund some therapies for our children. Also, the DTB can also be backdated to when the child was born and that would be a separate amount you would get in a lumpsum, approximately 200 a month for each month since the child was born if like ASD it was a from birth condition.

        1. Thanks so much for this post, it really help us. Our child was diagnosed in 2014 and it was not till now that we knew we needed to have our tax returns adjusted. However we were dumb enough to not keep a copy of the CDB request form when we mailed it (we were approved, and paid retroactively for every year since our child was born). We have the letter of approval of said benefit, but not the form. Is the copy of this form vital to this matter or can I send the letter requesting the adj and a copy of the letter of approval?

          1. It makes your life simpler having the old application, so you can make sure that you use similar wording and such. You might be able to get a copy from the CRA (so you lost your copy and would like a duplicate), you never know they might send it to you.

            1. I will call CRA on Monday and ask. If they won’t send me a copy, other moms in my area claim to have gotten their return adjusted by simply quoting in the letter the reference number that appears in the CRA letter notifying you of DTB approval. Thanks!

        2. My son got approved from 2012 to 2016. We got back pay for the supplement on child tax. I am enquiring about the DTC. I wasn’t working the past 3 years, but my mother has helped us out with rent food and buys all his clothing. Could she claim his dtc for me? Would she be able to request they deposit the refund into my account?
          Thanks so much

        3. I am about to mail my T2201, that has been filled out by my sons pediatrician for ASD. Do I also need to send any other supporting documents? Or should I wait and send the supporting documents if it’s rejected? I’m thinking the T2201 with my sons pediatricians comments should be sufficient. Also, there was a check box on the form that allowed me to request my previous income taxes to be adjusted. Since the last post is from 2013 may be this form has been updated since you filled out yours?

          1. My wife and I have always included all supporting documents as part of the initial application, that way the CRA has all the information they need, to decide about your application. I am not sure what kind of disability you are applying for, but if it is for the Autism spectrum, then checking off the “previous income tax assessment changes” box would make sense. Good luck.

        4. I went through the whole process, which took me over a year, and CRA took every cent and put it toward my student loan balance. 🙁 Not a penny to put in to savings for my son.

          1. OK, I am not sure what you are saying here. Your disability benefit was approved and the CRA didn’t give you the money? That seems very odd if that is the case, can you elaborate a bit more?

        5. I don’t understand how you could get the disability tax credit with a psychologist filling out the paperwork – the forms from CRA do not list them as a qualifying practitioner. I would love to know how to do that as I think it would be easier with a child on the spectrum to do that than using the medical doctor, especially if the person has no diagnoses other than autism. Thanks.

          1. What we had was a Psychologist, who was a Doctor of Psychology, and my wife seems to think that is on the list (maybe needs to be a registered psychologist). For Autism, psychologist is only allowed to complete the section mental functions necessary for every day life, which is where Autism falls.

            Go to for a whole library of stuff to do in BC, a great resource

        6. My son has ADHD, LD and a mental health disorder. He is 15, he qualified from the time he was 6 and I have to fill out the forms again. The Doctor has and then answered the follow up questionnaire and they denied his claim. I have been fighting it as the first two diagnosis really effect the Mental Health and it is important to have this in place for when he is an adult. SO I have to do the process again in order to get someone to listen. If anyone else has had this issue and found a solution please feel free to share as this has been going on for a year now.

        7. Hi. We just received our CDT certificate for our son. Did you do a T1 adjustment? We already received the Child Tax Benefit, but CRA told me to file the T1 and then the Disability Tax Benefit will be looked at retroactively then. Thought?

          1. If you use the template letter in the post you should be able to send that with the CDT and if you already receive the CTB, you should be able to get things paid retroactively, IF, this is a brain stem injury. In my son’s case Autism is viewed as a disability that he was born with, so it depends on what disability your child was diagnosed with.

        8. Couldnt agree more, going through the beurocracy myself for EI and trying to remain patient. Guess that’s about the only recourse we have. Good luck.

        9. Sounds like a painful process – I’ve recently applied for EI and that was a pretty painful process as well. I wonder how much money the gov’t could safe if they streamlined their bureaucracy.

              1. Hard to tell, but the whole system is quite slow, because you need a Medical professional to write a document, submit that to the CRA, which then does it’s due diligence as well. I assume there has been fraud in the past, but there must be a quicker way to do this?

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