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Happy Victoria Day

Yes, it is a holiday finally, and I get to enjoy the first long weekend since Easter (which seems a long way away). No stores are open around me, but Ottawa has some benefits that other Ontario cities don’t have because we have the Rideau Center, which is deemed a “Tourist Area” so all of its stores will be open and we are across the river from Gatineau/Hull and there all stores are open today. Will I go shopping? I might run to Tim Horton’s to have a Pro-Monarchist Coffee and Donut, but that is about it.

Happy Victoria Day

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria, no doubt wondering where Prince Albert is (in the can would be my guess)

Why do we celebrate this holiday still? We need a holiday in May as simple a reason as that. In Quebec they call it Journee nationale des patriotes , and not much is closed (so maybe I can get my beer over there?).

Victoria Days over the years

  • For 2016 Happy Victoria Day Enjoy Victoria Day or Journee Des Patriotes the official start of the summer in Canada! Drive carefully!
  • In 2014 Happy Victoria Day Looking for a way to celebrate Victoria Day? Explore the benefits of living in Ottawa & enjoy the Rideau Center.
  • Happy Victoria Day (and Monday’s Best) for 2012 A fine long weekend here in Canada, so I am treating this Monday like a Sunday and doing a quick recap of the week along with a list of some of my best tweets, enjoy!
  • For 2011 Happy Victoria Day For most of Canada today is a holiday, which is called Victoria Day.
  • In 2010 Happy Victoria Day was another wonderful day off.
  • Happy Victoria Day! When is the best time to discuss pay day loans? The Victoria Day weekend? Maybe, but just don’t use these services; they are bad.

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