Random Thoughts on 2014, Welcome to MMXV and #BestOf

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As it is the end of the year, I figured I’d regurgitate a #Bestof list based on my regular Friday posts. No pontificating precursor with me rambling on about things barely financial, straight on to the exciting data from the past year.

My Top Read Posts for 2014

Surprisingly most of the most read posts I had this year, weren’t really written this year, which means either my writing has great staying power, or I wrote a lot of cods wallop this year (wonder which is more correct).

The Customer retention script is easily my most read post ever, it even has a few nasty comments from folks on the other end of the phone. The RESP from Start to Spend got some actual media coverage which vaulted it into this list of posts.

Strangely my favorite post in terms of writing Fool Proof Market Timing System, didn’t cause a ripple, nor was it noticed by anyone, just goes to show I can’t tell what folks like or dislike.

Top Commenters for 2014

I must admit that sometimes I am quite perplexed that I don’t get more comments, given some of the more controversial statements I have made, but I will strive in the new year to make this more of a dialog, and less of a monologue with me pontificating my points of view.

The Dutchie

My Biggest Disappointement for 2014 , the Demise of the Dutchy at Tim Horton’s

My most commented posts were the giveaways this year (for Quicktax and such), however these were my most commented post:

  • Too Conservative Portfolio, which did ask a specific question, and it did cause a great deal of commentary
  • Key Financial Rules is me (again) ranting about borrowing and how it is far too common place these days.
  • Debt Won’t Just Disappear came from a rather animated Twitter discussion about the use of debt (some folks don’t take kindly to my negative commentaries, it seems).


Top Clicked Links from Fridays

Given the list I put out every week is quite extensive, it is interesting to see which of the links you liked to clicked the most. Yes, I do actually look at the “analytics” from this site and do tweak things on occasion on the basis of those numbers (not too much, I have to write what I want or it will read even dumber).

The most interesting entry on this list is the fact that the Canadian Capitalist’s post actually was 5 times more clicked than any other link I posted (other than a CRA link that is).

One Last Thing

I am going to try many new things this coming year including more video content (by me), but let us start with my son attacking me with his new helicopter.


  • My Own Advisor January 3, 2015, 5:55 PM

    Thanks for the mention BCM and happy to support your site.

    I suspect your rants get some decent traffic? I like ’em.

    All the best in 2015,

  • Bet Crooks January 2, 2015, 5:04 PM

    My husband just noticed this and said it proves his theory that I talk too much….
    I think it’s just your posts are too interesting to keep quiet.

  • Barry @ Moneywehave.com January 2, 2015, 9:16 AM

    Woah very cool that my bank secrets article was well received. When I started my blog in February, I wasn’t even sure if people would be interested in what I was writing about.

    Thanks for all the support!

    • bigcajunman January 2, 2015, 9:38 AM

      I liked the article 👍 lots of good tips, keep up the good work.


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