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Top Canadian Personal Financial Posts of 2015

Yes, it is that wonderful lazy wonderful time of the year when I can sit back and rely on statistics to write a few posts about what were the most visited, most discussed and overall top 5 articles that I have written over the past little while. This year, I have written less, however, I was hoping for a better quality of posts. I am not sure if I have succeeded, but due to the fact that I do have a day job, it was hard to keep up more than 3 posts a week (remember the good old days when I did 6 posts a week? Holy Cow).

My Top 3 Viewed Articles Written in 2015

I will break this up into a couple of groupings, first let us look at articles I wrote this year:

I actually invest heavily in the TD E-series Index Funds, but I did find an issue if you put them in a TD Mutual Fund account (which my kids’ RESPs were set up in). Over 2000 reads of this one.

As usual debt seems to be a very popular topic with folks, and this one included a picture of the Road Runner, so it must have been a good one. Over 3000 reads, nice one.

This article was very highly read, but it is interesting that the company in question, has since got out of the RESP business, or at least don’t talk about it on their web site, they are only in the insurance business. Over 3600 total reads, not bad.

All Time Top 3 Articles

It is good to see that some of my older articles are getting a lot of interest, but it does make me wonder if maybe I am not writing the right topics? Maybe something to look into some time in the new year. The other interesting point is these 3 posts have the most comments this year as well.

My review of Quicken 2015 (the Canadian edition) has brought a lot of folks over to read it, I have asked for another copy to review, but have not heard back yet about that. I may end up buying my own copy, but then I may be a little less kind in my commentary too (maybe the word blunt is the word I am looking for). Almost 5000 page views.

If you feel like you are being ripped off or not getting the best deal, A Script for Customer Retention, is a favorite, and given I have just ditched Rogers, useful for me as well. About 9000 page views this year.

I am very glad to see that my number one specific article viewed is one I wanted to help folks with, and CRA Child Disability (How To) is one I hope has helped a lot of folks get their child disability certificate from the CRA. The other nice thing about this one is the comment section has become a help forum as well, which is good.

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