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Rate Rises, Winter is Coming, Access Neutrality and #MoneyTalk

Autumn has arrived in Ottawa, which of course means that Winter is Coming, but unfortunately the financial pundits down south are also warning of Financial Winter, in the face of possible Fed Rate increases by December. If the US starts ratcheting up interest rates, Canada might follow suit, or might not, to make the dollar weaker? I can’t remember what is in vogue these days, a Weak Dollar helping trade or a Strong Dollar, helping trade?

If Financial Winter is coming, maybe it is time to think about whether you are ready or not?

Game of Thrones Financial

The White Walkers Want Your Money

The CRTC is trying to make sure our Internet Access (at home) is not only available from specific companies, however, the Monopolies (Bell, Telus, Rogers) are not playing very nice, as outlined in ‘We need to fix this’: Big telcos hoard fibre optic networks despite CRTC order. Companies like Teksavvy have been trying to compete, but continue to run into the Monopolies lack of co-operation.

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Preet and Money

We see him here, we see him there, that Preet B. is everywhere!.

No More Half Measures (financially)

2016 Random Thoughts

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  1. The point about internet access. In Saskatchewan at there is talk of privatising SaskTel. Some people say the competition is cheaper we should have more competition . Others say it’s cheaper as they have to compete with SaskTel. Whatever. It always annoys me that Sasktel spends millions on ads when half of the population has no choice but to use them anyway due to lack of coverage. We are on an acreage 20 minutes from Regina not in the middle of nowhere ! In 12 years we have tried everything to get enough internet to work from home properly. It’s worse now everything is in the cloud and people want to webcam. Tried Satellite, dish on roof, we can not use the local tower as there are trees in the way down the valley. The suggestion was cut them down. Seriously 100 year old trees and not on our land anyway ? Now we just have a spare cell phone we hot spot off. We use the data on 3 phones but hit the cap and its slows down. Its costs us $350 a month and is still barely usable. How come we can send man to the moon and not fix this! Monopolies? I have talked with SaskTel business and said sell us more data, I don’t care if its $500 a month sell us more, this is business not kids streaming Youtube or Xbox! They won’t there is always a 12 or 15GB cap and its slows down to useless. No real reason just , we will not. Not we can’t. Just we will not . So if that’s the company that we the taxpayers supposedly own and should be working for us don’t expect any big company that has a monopoly to listen!

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