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RDSP Providers : TD Investments Continues to Annoy

It is that time of year again for me to go through the odd set of steps to move money into my son’s TD Direct Investing RDSP account. First, let me point out that the TD Direct Investment RDSP is the best one (i.e. the best of the RDSP Providers ) that I can find on the market (do not be confused TD has a  TD Mutual Fund version, you should ignore), in terms of its ability to allow me to invest in what I want, and receive the correct Government grants.

Now that I have said that TD is the best of existing RDSP Providers, allow me to now clarify that to put money into this account is the most convoluted, horse manure interface that could be concocted by a set of Lawyers and Accountants (and possibly throwing in a Modern Dance Choreographer). I have written previously about the steps I must take to put money into this account. However, this last time I got a glimpse at the end of the deposit part of the process.

Previously I pointed out that the steps were:

RDSP Money Path for RDSP Providers
RDSP Money Path (using Easyline over the phone)

So note that I cannot do this online in 1 step. I can put money into my trading account using a standard automatic transfer mechanism (step 2), so some of it is automated. I dutifully transfer every paycheque an amount into my trading account to build up the money for the RDSP account (yes, I still think they are one of the best RDSP Providers, but this is driving me crazy).

I found out from this last session on the phone that step 3 is not a straightforward transfer. It is an E-mail sent from the lucky phone representative. I talked to some magical overlord who does the actual transfer. Read that sentence again. The RDSP program at TD is so convoluted that their representatives are not allowed to do a simple transfer. Must they ask someone else to do it? #Seriously?!?

I am starting to wonder just how exciting will it be to withdraw money from this system? Again let me, please reiterate this is the best RDSP Provider out there (currently).

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  1. Woah! IMPORTANT:
    Yes TD Direct Investment RDSP gives you access to online trading, but remember that is in Canadian funds only (unlike other registered accounts). This means you will NOT be able to trade all those wonderful dividend-producing stocks that are listed in the U.S. It will be Canadian-listed stocks only, i.e. mostly resource stocks.

  2. I just wanted you to know that another institution has left the marketplace. Community Trust will no longer be offering an RDSP effective August 1, 2020. it is unfortunate because they had investment options that no other institution provided and now they are gone.

  3. Can a bank(BMO) CLOSE an RDSP Fund that was due to mature in 2026? BMO said there is a GMA (Guaranteed Maturity Amount) but did not say what happens to the Fund if it rebounds to exceed this amount. Any new deposits are to go to a Premium Savings Acvount” , within the Fund. (paying next to nothing). Is this legal??? What can I do as the plan holder, for our son?

  4. Have just moved son’s RDSP from BMO to TD. Anxiously waiting for any followups to 11th Oct 2016 article.

    1. Nothing much new really, still can’t transfer directly into a TD Direct Investing account RDSP from anywhere except a TD Trading account. I’ll see if I take another run at them and see if I can find out more of what is going on.

  5. My account is “SDRSP”. I’m assuming that it’s an RRSP account. Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe in the hours I spent with TD employees, one of them ticked a box that let’s me put money in online.

    1. Yes I have two SDRSP (one RRSP and a Spousal which I am allowed to see). An RDSP Looks like this on-line

      CAD XXXXXXN – RDSP I believe the N is what makes the account very hard to do things with (or possibly a double character marker in the name).

  6. I signed up for a TD trading account this summer. I think I’m doing it all online and I think the money is going to the right place.

    But it’s been a major hassle. Requiring multiple visits to a branch and a lot of time on the phone.

    TD is not client-focused with their online system.

    1. A normal TD Direct Investing account works just fine on-line, however, the RDSP is an exception (and even the account number has a Letter in it that says, “Treat this specially”).

  7. Hell BC,

    I sent you a tweet. I am suggesting you have additional choices on top of the RDSP.
    More control etc. Feel free to give me a shout.


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