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Canajun Finances Home » Naughty Banks, March Madness, Big Snow and #MoneyTalk

Naughty Banks, March Madness, Big Snow and #MoneyTalk

The CBC is flogging the “Banks are mean” story line, which has been true, but I guess they think it is a new thing. They had a great discussion on the National (see video at the bottom of this page), with Kerry and Bruce Sellery discussing how the bank is not your friend. I have pounded this point home many times, so I am glad to hear others saying this. Your bank is a business, and as a shareholder, a profitable business too. The banks need to keep finding new income streams, and you are that! All you are to your bank is an attractive income stream (and that is it).

Naughty Banks
V is not for Victory ?

Keep those thoughts in mind the next time you think your bank is helping you out, by allowing you to have a new service. The only reason they let you have it, was to make them money.

March Madness has begun, I am cheering for Deep State to take the whole thing. Curious stat I found that this time of year is when the most vasectomies occur (and around time for the Masters), so the patient can “recover” at home and watch the games in peace and quiet. Seems a little extreme just to have the family leave you alone, but, to each his own. One day I will write about my two vasectomies. Might this be March Vasness ?

Have I mentioned how much I dislike finding snakes in my car? As Bugs Bunny said, “Good Bye Florida!”.

It snowed, in Ottawa, too much. That is all.

Snow in Ottawa
It Snowed, Again

My Writings for Week Ending March 17th

I took a week off, given it is March Break. Stay tuned we will be celebrating my 12th year of being the “Cranky old man of Personal Finance”, next week!

A Money Thought

Stan Buell has the correct view on the whole, “The Banks are out to get us” statement.

March Madness Money Thoughts

Given how touchy the subject of March Madness can be, here are some excellent articles for your weekend read (between games):

CBC and Banks

Friend and all around excellent person Kerry Taylor (aka Squawkfox) talks about how to deal with banks on the CBC , and she even mentions RDSPs (I asked her to, and she was kind enough to give RDSPs a shout out):

2017 Random Thoughts

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