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Tax Freedom Day?

So this article talks about May 19, 2020 being tax freedom day for  Canadians.

Tax Freedom Day being the day you stop earning money for taxes and start earning for yourself. This Tax Freedom Day idea does seem a bit wonky to me.

It’s hard to explain to folks who haven’t lived in a land with such a heavy tax load what that means. Half of the money I make goes to various levels of governments as Taxes. I realize that it is the price I pay to live in a great country like Canada (and a wonderful city like Ottawa), don’t get me wrong here, I love where I live, I just wish I didn’t have to pay quite so much for it.

My brother who lived in Texas (pronounced Tax-less) brags of how little folks pay in taxes in Texas and they still complain they are paying too much, really? How can you even compare?

Well, given tomorrow is Canada Day, folks, enjoy your tax freedom, now you are making money for your creditors

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  1. I think the Fraser Institute is a little off as well, but it still is astounding the amount of money I earn to support a government, oh well, the price I pay to live in Canada


  2. Canadian Capitalist

    Big Cajun:

    I made a post about it available here:
    There is lots of controversy about the Fraser Institute numbers and methodology. I did my own calculations and found that Tax Freedom Day for me was sometime in April. I just think the Fraser Institute numbers are way off base. And I am no left-wing, big government, more taxes nut either 🙂

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