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Boxing Day? Big Bloody Deal!

An early rant about Boxing Day and life. LIfe is too short to be this grouchy about that time of the year.

So this is the first boxing day I have spent in Ottawa in 20 years. I grew up in Montreal, and Boxing Day was simple, all stores opened at noon, and away you go. I kept hearing about HUGE SALES and GREAT BARGAINS and people lined up for blocks and over $1.4B spent today alone (the second most significant day of buying in the year). All I can say is?

I went out this morning to get some milk and bought some storage containers at 1/2 price ($1.49, great buy). We went to Staples, Wal-Mart, and Indigo along with a grocery store, and it felt like a Sunday. Wal-Mart looked a little whacky, but the craziest thing I saw was the RETURNs line! Why would you go to a store to return something on Boxing Day unless you had no life and wanted to spend a long time in line? A lot of stores don’t even allow returns on Boxing Day, so what is the point?

No big whoop here. No huge bargains, no big-screen TVs, I think we bought some cheap Christmassy tea towels, and I looked at the “Big Hauler” train set at Loblaws, but that is about it. Boxing Day? Please leave it to the pugilists!

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  1. I would love to see boxing day in canada. I wonder if it’s not as frenzied as Black Friday in the US. DH spent boxing day in canada, a former canuck he loved it. Of course now Black Friday is dear to his heart.

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