Boxing Day? Big Bloody Deal!

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So this is the first boxing day I have spent in Ottawa in 20 years. I grew up in Montreal, and Boxing Day there was simple, all stores opened at noon and away you go (some had sales, etc.,), but I kept hearing about HUGE SALES and GREAT BARGAINS and people lined up for blocks and over $1.4B spent today alone (the second biggest day of buying in the year), all I can say is, Really?

I went out this morning to get some milk and bought some storage containers at 1/2 price ($1.49, great buy). We went to Staples, Wal-Mart, and Indigo along with a grocery store, and it felt like a Sunday. Wal-Mart looked a little whacky, I must admit, but the craziest thing I saw was the RETURNs line! Why would you go to a store to return something on Boxing Day, unless you had no life and wanted to spend a long time in line? A lot of stores don’t even allow returns on Boxing Day, so what is the point?

No big whoop here. No huge bargains, no big screen TVs, I think we bought some cheap Christmassy tea towels, and I looked at the “Big Hauler” train set at Loblaws, but that is about it. Boxing Day? Leave it to the pugilists!

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  • Anonymous December 28, 2006, 1:53 AM

    I would love to see boxing day in canada. I wonder if it’s not as frenzied as Black Friday in the US. DH spent boxing day in canada, a former canuck he loved it. Of course now Black Friday is dear to his heart.


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