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Random Thoughts: Summer is in the Air

With Summer coming very soon (on Sunday in fact), and Father’s Day on the same day this weekend looks to be an eventful one for us all.

Financially the week has seen the Nortel CEO Mike Z. standing in front of a group of Canadian politicians and saying, “It simply wasn’t feasible to pay severance,” , you must respect his chutzpah, but when he started saying he might not get his sweetheart pension, he lost all credibility. Despite the CPI being at 0.1%, the reality is that our food prices have increased by a staggering 7.1% over the past year, which is a major concern for low and fixed-income individuals. This issue cannot be overlooked, and must be addressed. Given the current situation, it’s likely that interest rates will remain low for a considerable amount of time, which is quite astounding in my opinion.

My Summer Views

Financial Blogging Views

Here are some interesting posts from my regular reads on the Financial blogging front:

Stay tuned this weekend, there may not be a video interlude, but there might be something even more enjoyable. Enjoy the start of summer and remember to call your Dad on Father’s Day!

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  1. Canadian Capitalist

    I wouldn’t call it a no-brainer. First make sure you won’t be on hook for any fees. If you pass that test, then the bonus might be worth your while.

    Thanks for the link! Happy Father’s Day!

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