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Billy Graham has been “the Preacher to the Presidents” in his time, and this talk he did for the Ted conference in 1998 still shows some of the eloquence and power he had when he spoke. I grew up and snickered at Pastor Graham’s sermons when they came onto TV (usually because it interrupted some important episode of Gilligan’s Island or something like that). In some ways, I missed out on not watching these sermons from Mr. Graham when he was younger because the power of his oration and the charisma he showed were astounding. His views on Technology and Theology are interesting.

Even in this simple talk about how technology is great, but it cannot cure the evils in the human soul, you sense the charisma in his delivery.

No, this isn’t much to do with money, but I like it.

The Rev. Billy Graham is a religious leader with a worldwide reach. In his long career as an evangelist, he has spoken to millions and been an advisor to US presidents. Full bio and more links

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