Boxing Day Sales and What is the Price?!?

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Wasn’t it Just Black Friday?

In October I was being inundated with e-mails about on line Black Friday sales, then Christmas sales in November, and now there are Boxing Day sales that have already started and it isn’t even Christmas yet? What is the rush folks?

The sales push has gone to the Ridiculous level, and yesterday I go to a local grocery store and they have pretty much taken down all of their Christmas decorations in preparation for the next big thing (Valentine’s Day I think is next). This is a smaller store, which relies on higher turn over of product, and more likely than not will not have a Boxing Day Blowout Sale because they don’t stock much non-grocery articles, but still 1 lousy display for Christmas?

I suppose if the Retailers had a sign up that said, Generic Blow Out Sale we might actually catch on to their need to constantly entice us in to buy things, however, I am curious to see what the sale types will be in January? Post-Christmas blow out sales? Back to School? Pre-Spring?

The other question that keeps arising is, if there is always a sale on, what is the regular price of anything? It ends up being like shopping at the Bay, where the price you see on any product is not what you are going to pay at the cash register. Every time I buy a pair of trousers at the Bay (now usually this is scratch ‘n save weekend), the price on the trousers (which is already a sales price), then drops because of the scratch card, and then some unknown discount is thrown on as well. For a while I thought I was getting a great price, but now I wonder how can I compare prices if the price I see is never valid (or the final price)?

Airline Profits Soar

Another interesting piece of news yesterday was that Airline profits are at 10 year highs, another industry where you never really know the price of anything is, it certainly has nothing to do with advertised prices. I have written about the tricks of Airline pricing before, but now it has gone off the charts in terms of hidden charges and costs. Hearing that the industry is now profitable, even though fuel prices continue to rise, I have got to wonder if all those landing surcharges and such are really what they claim they are (let alone the baggage charges). Wonder if the folks stranded at Heathrow are happy to hear about these profits?

How can you figure out the best price for anything any more?


  • Vacatures Online December 24, 2010, 9:39 AM

    Haha that was quite funny to read. Customers want always the cheapest thing. So i guess that these psychological offers are working great for them!

  • Financial Cents December 23, 2010, 11:23 AM

    Everything is always on sale, just depends where you shop 🙂

    Happy Holidays BCM!

    Hopefully we can get a N.C.F.B.A meeting arranged (over some beers) early in 2011.

    Mark from My Own Advisor


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