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Random Thoughts for a Black Friday

The carnage has already started, the sales are already on going, people are maming and fighting each other to get those elusive savings, yet here we set reading a blog? I think you are doing the right thing, Black Friday, to me is a bit of an overhyped idea. The savings I see seem good, but are they worth all the hassles and shopping? Maybe it would be better to sit this one out and make up a real plan of what needs to be bought before going out shopping?

The stock market reopens for half a day today, but given how badly things have been going, maybe it should just stay shut for a while. Not sure what has called the Bears out of hibernation, but the markets are down, down, down these days. The European economic world is teetering over the brink again, and now folks are wondering how many dominoes may fall, so doom and gloom really does seem to be the feeling in the monetary world right now.

In Canada there really isn’t a Black Friday. However, the stores are still trying to whip shoppers into some kind of frenzy so there are some having a Black Friday sale, but for me this week I didn’t talk as much about shopping, more about the following:

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Black Friday, Charity and a few other things were on the minds of some of my favourite writers this week:

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“If you think the United States has stood still, who built the largest shopping center in the world?”

Author: Richard M. Nixon and who shops there?

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