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Holiday Bank Cheer and Sunday’s Best

Another interesting week in the economic world, with the Central Banks propping up the U.S. green back, and thus causing an early Santa Rally, and then the Canadian Banks start announcing better than expected profits, adding more coal to the engine, we might end 2011 on a bit of an up tick, but there still is plenty of this year left to really predict. Advent is now in full bloom with lights and preparation for Christmas (Mrs. C8j and I even put out the Christmas wreath).

The year is coming to an end, are you ready for 2012? I am very ready, in that I’d like to see 2011 go in the books and be done (just a bit too much for me this year).

On my twitter feed (which I may start slowing down with, since I am not sure I completely feel I am getting much bang for my work from that social media feed), there were many interesting oldie but goody posts:

  • With Advent beginning last Sunday I figured I’d start with Advent it Begins Again, the season of waiting that is.
  • With the interesting times I am having with Dell I figured I’d go back to a Student Computer Safety Tip from not that long ago.
  • My first attempt at a flow chart I did by hand in my post The Cost of Cheques, which outlines that cheques are going to be bloody expensive very soon.
  • Continuing on about the importance of not standing for what is given I remembered The Answer is Always NO Unless You Ask.
  • Me being a little silly with Most Top 10 Lists, after my post about Financial Bloggers in general.
  • I am not being figurative when I say Debt Makes Me Sick, it keeps me awake and it I am sure has shortened my life.

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