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Advent: It Begins Again

Advent begins tomorrow, for those who don’t know, Advent is the start of the New Year in the Christian Church calendar.

Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before December 25 and Advent ends on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) so this year Advent is about 25 days long. For silly Calendars, it starts on December 1st.

What is Advent? The season of waiting and preparing for the Festival of Christmas (i.e. Christ’s birth), and since it nicely fits at the end of most folks’ fiscal year, it’s an excellent metaphor for your preparation for the end of your Financial Year as well. You could spend Advent preparing for Christmas but also preparing for next year (in terms of Personal Finance) as well.

Advent Wreath
Advent Wreath

To most people, the only exposure to Advent is the calendars that are sold in most stores that have a box that is open each day of Advent (we are guilty of this as well, we have a Playmobil one that will create a Pirate scene for our son (a Christmasy, Pirate scene?)).

To others, you have the Advent Wreath at Church (Mrs. Caj is complaining that this graphic has purple candles and they should be BLUE).

Start your fiscal planning for the coming, year, and prepare for Christmas too (no, that doesn’t mean bankrupting yourself by spending as much as possible (if you thought that is what I meant)).

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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  1. I think purple (violet actually) is more Catholic, whereas you see blue more often in Protestant churches (those that celebrate Advent). Blue was actually the liturgical colour for Advent in the Sarum rite (pre-Reformation England).

    I went to a beautiful service last night: an Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols. And this morning I opened the first window in my Advent calendar! (I have an old-fashioned paper one.)

    A blessed Advent to you and all your readers.

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