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The Best of 2014 The Canadian Personal Finance Place

Yes, it is that magical time of year, where I get lazy and rely on old content to make things look new, and the time that folks tend to publish their Top 10 lists, so here it is. I have limited this list to posts I wrote in 2014 as my most popular posts (as you will see in the coming days), were written a few years ago. Not a bad year for readership, pretty good for income on my part, and all of this after cutting my writing down to about 3 times a week, if I keep this up, maybe if I stop writing I’ll be hugely successful?

An interesting statistic is that in 2013 I had


visitors and this year I had


(so far) so basically the same number of visitors? Interesting stuff.

Enjoy this New Year’s Eve, remember you still have a little time to make a donation for this year for Charity or your RESPs and don’t drink and drive either! I need all the readers I can get, stay safe.

Top Posts for 2014

Thanks to all my readers for coming back to read these.

Good Bye 2014 ?
Actually, it is Good-Bye 2014

RESP from Start to Spend

A useful discussion of the whole RESP experience that I have been living through (and plenty of regrets in hindsight, in terms of where I invested the money).

Ideal Portfolios?

Is there such a thing as an ideal portfolio? Kind of, but the ideal portfolio is the one that you are most comfortable owning (i.e. causes you the least stress).

Doubling Your Money

That title was a bit of an SEO dirty trick, but the rest of it did live up to the title. Doubling your money with very low-interest rates is not easy (our parents had the 70s and 80’s to help with their savings).

Disability Tax Credit: Please Do It Yourself

I really hope that this caused folks to do their disability application themselves, I would hate to think that those “companies” that specialize in getting you a disability credit (where they take a cut), are getting lots of customers.

Atrociously Dangerous Investment Advice

You can never go wrong quoting Rob Carrick, and then having Rob agree with you. The N.C.F.B.A. dinners can get quite raucous when spicy topics are added in.

Pensions and Spousal RRSPs

Are spousal RRSPs still a good investment idea? I think so.

“I’m an indexer. I don’t care what the indexes did today!”

This time I shamelessly stole a quote from Preet and got some good coverage around the Internet.

Free is a Good Price (but still can be expensive)

Thanks to the great Home Depot information loss of 2014, I ended up getting free Equifax, but the cost was kind of expensive (given hackers now have pretty much all of my financial info).

Here is hoping that 2015 I get a few more regular readers, and I keep up writing interesting topics.

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